20 Best Hair Styles For Wedding

With a flurry of decisions to make before your special day, wedding preparations can feel a bit hectic, but don’t fret; we are here to help and make sure your glam factor is taken care of. We have hunted down the top twenty beautifully breath-taking wedding hairstyles for medium hair, so you can be sure you’ll be looking tip-top and totally fabulous.

Now it’s time to set your priorities and push table plans to the side. Now is the time to focus on yourself!

Around to Stay
Once you have found the perfect wedding style, it is all about living a long life. Use products that have been made to last and maintain your wonderful locks until the end of the day. Things to consider can be a corrective spray, a dry shampoo, a salt spray or a high gloss depending on your needs.

We thought about everyone, so whether your hair is curly, wavy, or straight, we have covered it. Look now to find your favourite of the top twenty.

1- Relaxed Wedding updo

Relaxed wedding updo

Gorgeous and easy to make, this wedding updo makes your face looks pretty and features a beautiful backside view. This look will also make you feel relaxed.

Relaxed wedding updo wedding style is also one of the best hairstyles for weddings and is very easy to make and there is no need for so many hair accessories.

2- The Crowning Glory for Medium Hair

Are you looking for the best hair styles for wedding? The crowning Glory for medium hair style has been picked from some fashionable fairy tales and you are the queen so also need a texture, volume and the crown which will work in perfect harmony. You will get self-obsessed if you will try this style.

3- Boho Chic Hairstyle

Try this one of the best hair styles for wedding style if you have layered hair and achieve that playful feel, he’ll love. Boho chic hairstyle is easy to make, relaxed and polished as well and gives a pretty look and draws eye around to the details of this style in the back. The glory enhances by the pearl pins included in this style.

4- Curly Bridle updo

Curly bridle updo

Fix and pin you’re curly and beautiful hair loosely at the neck for a gorgeous and natural look, delicate wedding accessories enhance its beauty to the sky limits. Curly bridle updo wedding style is also one of the best hair styles for wedding and for those ladies who want to look beautiful but still want to retain a soft and elegant feel.

5- Sleek and Simple Wedding Hair

Sleek and simple wedding hair

Sleek and simple wedding hair is the next hairstyle in the list of top 20 best wedding hair styles. This is a best hair style for straight hairs as it works well with the layered and straight hair. The waves at the ends and simple at the top and finish with the delicate and beautiful hair pins and other accessories will give you a classic look. Girls with this style nail the sleek and sultry by keeping it simple.

6- Messy Chignon updo

Messy chignon updo

Messy chignon updo wedding style is also one of the best hair styles for wedding is a combo of relaxed twist and gorgeous hair pins and clips. This combo will give you a complete beautiful and classic look. It not only gives a fantastic look but it is also very easy to style. You just have to generate a good volume of hair at the crown and then just tuck the hair at the nape of the neck and then pin the hair to fix them. Small loops of hairs falling from sides will enhance the beauty of this wedding hairstyle.

7- Wedding Curls with Accessory

Wedding curls with accessory

Wedding curls with accessory is the next best wedding style in the list of best hair styles for wedding. You just have to curl your hair and let them down, of you have straight hair just use the curlers and show off your lovely looks. Let your hairs down, use pearl or other hair accessories to make them more beautiful and end up the style with high gloss hair spray to ensure you looking attractive.

8- Plaited updo for Medium Hair

Plaited updo for medium hair

Let your hairs play around the plaits to get a unique and different look. Plaited updo for medium hair style will give you an attractive look with a photo ready hair style. You can get this hairstyle in just few steps. There is a suggestion that before getting started please use some healthy products that will give your hair a good texture the just plait the hair down loosely at the both sides of your head. Fancy and beautiful hair pins like pearl or flower pins will secure your hair at the nape.

9- Low updo with Flower

Low updo with flower

Inserting some real and fresh flowers, sweeping the layers around then tease crown section and securing the style with Bobby pins will give you a classic and attractive look. Low updo with flower wedding style is also one of the best hair styles for wedding and it will give you photo ready look that will make your special day more special.

10- A Twisted Party for Medium Hair

A twisted party for medium hair

One of the most loving and favourite wedding hairstyles. Just divide the hair into horizontal sections as much as you want and twist each of them to make a Topsy tail. Secure with some hair clips and decor it with some real and fresh flowers. You will definitely get everyone’s attention after this style. A twisted party for medium hair wedding style is also one of the best hair styles for wedding.

11- Gibson Tuck Hairstyle

Gibson tuck hairstyle

A very classy style with a vintage feel. You will surely modernize your look with slightly relaxed hair and a beautiful and stylish accessory.

If you have medium hair and you are looking best hair styles for wedding then Gibson tuck hairstyle is the best one for you.

12- Sculpture Bouffant updo

Sculpture bouffant updo

I beautiful combination of sleek, simple and messy hair in a single updo will give you a stunning look which will attract everyone towards you. The separation between the lower messy look and upper sleek section is a loose plait which also add some intrigue. The whole style is secure by using pins. You can also add some flowers to get an attractive look. Sculpture bouffant updo hair style is best for wedding.

13- Polished Bridal beehive

Polished Bridal beehive

This long-lasting wedding style will give you a silky-smooth wedding look you could wish for. You can add an iconic and sparkling hairband and shine sprays to get a photometry updo look. Glamorous, polish and elegant look will make everyone to look at you without blinking their eyes. Polished Bridal beehive wedding style is also one of the best hair styles for wedding.

14- Coveted Curls and Wedding accessory

Coveted curls and wedding accessory

Coveted curls and wedding accessory wedding style is also one of the best hair styles for wedding. It will present your curly hairs to their best with aimed gemmed hair accessories and fresh flowers as a beauty enhancer. This romantic and feminine hairstyle keeps your hair tangled deliberately and even out of your face so that you can enjoy your event without any disturbance.

15- Floral hair style

Floral hair style

As the name indicates this original organic style will boost the wow factor of your event. The beautiful addition of some exotic fresh flowers will make you more attractive. Relaxed chignon with a colourful splash of spring will give you a photogenic look. Floral hair style is most favorite hairstyle for wedding.

16- Rustic and Relaxed Bridal Do

Rustic and relaxed bridal Do

Rustic and relaxed bridal Do wedding style is also one of the best hair styles for wedding is a pretty good combination of twists and braids that will give you rustic and soft updo. The bangs with full of texture and loose pins create an attractive and elegant style. You can also add beautiful pins to get full wedding package.

17- Loose Curly Chignon

Loose curly chignon

Loose curly chignon hairstyle will give you a waterfall look of veil underneath. One of the best curled creations is a best way to showcase your hair with the veil. The curls will be carefully tucked and pinned at the base of neck.

18- Pinned and Tousled Perfection

Pinned and tousled perfection

This wedding hair will give you a textured updo and you will feel like a summer breeze get caught in your hair. But always use salt sprays, it will ease you in handling your hair. Pinned and tousled perfection wedding style is also one of the best hair styles for wedding.

19- Oozing Glamour for Natural Look

Oozing glamour for natural look

Oozing glamour for natural look wedding style is also one of the best hair styles for wedding will give you a natural look. Add a bog floral pin to complete the wedding theme. This high gloss style showcases your hairs in a very elegant way and will ensure you are shining as your day.

20- Twisted updo for medium Hair

Twisted updo for medium Hair

This organic twist with sculpture and soft look will make your day more special. Make a classic chignon by twisting back a smaller section and make it secure with the help of large flower for elegant look. It is one of the easiest, creative and most frequently used medium wedding hairstyle. Twisted updo for medium Hair wedding style is also one of the best hair styles for wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Hair Styles for Wedding:

How to achieve natural hairstyles at a wedding?
For achieving a natural look, you should complete your look a flying dress, natural makeup, and gentle braided hairstyle. A light veil without rhinestones and lace will become a perfect finish to your look. Accessories – are the important elements that will complement your wedding hairstyles.

How to have a perfect wedding day with your hair?
Work with your hairstylist to solidify the combination of products that will give you your very best hair day (you’re going to be taking a lot of pictures after all). Then, consider adding in a fun hair accessory like a headpiece, a tiara or a flower crown.

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